Men’s Ministry (Brotherhood)

In the fall of 2017, Pastor Gary challenged the leaders of each church program to participate in a “vision Sunday” service. In this service we were to clearly state the vision for each program, its future goals and the purpose behind those. I would like to briefly reiterate that here.

As the men’s brotherhood director, I feel compelled for us to implement our construction skills in projects for those who cannot provide for themselves. Not only are we taking care of a need, but it is also creating an opportunity for evangelism.

Since “vision Sunday”, we have completed a very large wheel chair ramp and a smaller wheelchair ramp with more to be built soon!

Not only have we been blessed by blessing others, but we’ve grown as brothers and built friendships that may not have happened otherwise.

I am convinced that if the brotherhood, who are called to be spiritual leaders in our homes and our church, develop a strong bond among ourselves, our church will be that much stronger and able to effectively serve Christ.

In summation, the purpose of the men’s brotherhood is threefold: to serve our community, grow stronger as brothers thereby strengthening our families and church, and ultimately honor Christ in all we do. (Proverbs 17:17)

  • If there is a need within our church or community that should be brought before the brotherhood, please contact me directly at 704-634-9354.

  • The men’s brotherhood will be meeting once a month on Sunday evenings for a bible study/discussion and event planning.


Jake Helton